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Popular articles:

  1. S. Padma Ishwarya & P. Nisha (2020). Innovative Zero Waste Management Strategies in the Food Industry. Annual Technical Volume of Chemical Engineering Division Board, Volume 3, The Institute of Engineers (India).
  2. Padma Ishwarya, S. (2021). “Bunty & Bubble(Y)”… an Animated L(Ove)Ife Story …” AWSAR Book 2020, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.


  1. S. Padma Ishwarya, Radhika Ramesh & Devika Suresh (2023). Skilling ‘industry-ready’ talent for smart protein in India. https://gfi-india.org/skilling-industry-ready-talent-for-smart-protein-in-india/

Magazine articles:

  1. Padma Ishwarya, S., Can Millet Replace Meat? https://nuffoodsspectrum.in/2024/01/04/can-millet-replace-meat.html (Published on January 4, 2024).
  1. Rama Devi Tentu, Shardul Dabir, & S. Padma Ishwarya (2023). Technological Review of High-Moisture Extrusion for Creating Whole-Cut Plant-Based Meat. https://gfi-india.org/technological-review-of-high-moisture-extrusion-for-creating-whole-cut-plant-based-meat/.

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